If you answered yes, then you are in the right place! I'm passionate about making your wedding experience a relaxed one and I will also go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and excited for your wedding photography

Your looking for a natural relaxed wedding photographer?

Choosing your wedding photographr should be like choosing your wedding dress...you will just know if we are right for you!

I'm a big believer in love stories, you know the ones you see in the films, you know why? Because I've seen it!  If your here looking for a wedding photographer then I want to learn and capture yours!  My style focuses on those real and honest moments, the ones you may not have even seen, each moment that makes a part of your story. 

My favourite photos are the ones where you are laughing and having fun in front of the camera. So if your camera shy then you don't need to worry as I say NO to posey position...I want you to feel yourself in front of the camera and well just enjoy the overall photo experienece. 

Hey i'm Nikki 

As a wedding photographer, I know it's just as important for you to get to know me as I get to know you both.  So if I was to describe me...I would say I'm a lover of the little things. I'm so lucky to have so much freedom and yes I absolutely love to travel the world and see new places...I mean who doesnt? But I'm also a home girl at heart...I love my little home comforts...like taking the dog for a walk, cooking a roast for the family, days out with the husband  or having red wine fridays with the girls.

I married my teenager sweetheart 2 years ago..and we've nearly survived 14 years...and now we even work together! You know that saying better together...well it really does fit with us and I'm a believe that everyone has that person for them...if your here i'm guessing you may have found yours. 

Our Signature Style?
Light, Modern and Laid Back!

And so the adventure begins

Better Together

My Approach

Bring your Stills to Life

Together with my husband Kane...we've come together to bring you an option to bring your stills to life with a wedding film! Yes thats right, Kanes a filmmaker and we have now created a wedding package which involves videography too! There really is something special watching back moments of your day on film so we're so pleased to be able to offer this to all our couples! 

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Our Vlog in Santorini

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What we really think...

Favourite Food 


Not going to lie it felt super strange having Kane at the first few weddings but now its great, we actually work really well together and its a bonus we get to spend weekends together... plus he brings a new dynamic to the team!  Do we argue? Only if he eats my snacks ;)! 

I'm a big foodie! In fact theres not much I don't like expect anything with cinnamon! Some favs have to be all of the cereals...thai green curry and lasagne...oh and a pick n mix! 

best time of year?

Spring! I love spring as its the start of wedding season and everywhere looks so pretty! 

Perfect Sunday?

Taking the bridal party off for their photos and making it fun for everyone! Oh and I love confetti!

Whats it really like working alongside your husband?

Whats your favourite part of a wedding?

Brunch, Dog Walk, Roast Dinner and Spending time with the family! 


What we really think...

Best Holiday? 

Its been so lovely to be able to spend time with Nikki and see her work her passions. Ive learnt so much about the wedding industry already...it really is great to be a part of it! 

Traveling Sri Lanka was incredible...extra special because it was our honeymoon!

Favourite film?

Dunkirk, Inception and all of the James Bond Films

Biggest Icon

Sunset photos after dinner when the couple are nice and relaxed - also the dance floor especially if they have live music.

Whats it really like working alongside your Wife?

Whats your favourite part of a wedding?

Rodger Moore